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  • Public Citizen's Democracy Is For People Campaign is about turning voter outrage over a rigged system into sustained pressure across the country. It's about leveraging our people power to #FightBigMoney.

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DC Fair Elections Introduced in the DC Council

After a year and a half of educating the public, building grassroots support, organizing in every Ward and endless policy discussions, our DC Fair Elections coalition just saw 9 of DC's 13 Councilmembers co-introduce, and one Councilmember co-sponsor, the Fair Elections Act of 2017, which would limit special interest influence in District elections and restore balance of power to everyday residents.

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Intern Book Reviews: The Great Suppression and Breaking Big Money's Grip on America

“I have come to the conclusion that democracy in government is a case of too many cooks (bad cooks) spoiling the broth.”  According to Zachary Roth’s book, The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy, many members of the GOP establishment agree with this view, that democracy must be limited in order to preserve Republican party power within government.

In Breaking Big Money's Grip on America, author Bruce Berlin calls for a mass movement to overcome the threat of big money, explaining that although we may be weaker in power compared to corporations, we are mighty -- especially when we come together and strategically fight for our rights as one. Fortunately, the democracy movement Berlin calls for is already underway. 

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By the Numbers Support for an amendment is growing.


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People in towns and cities across the country are advancing resolutions through their city and town councils and state legislatures that declare support for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, challenge corporate power. and eliminate unlimited campaign spending.

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