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  • Annie Phillips"Annie Phillips has personally collected 3500+ signatures to put Initiative 735 calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United on the 2016 Washington ballot. Help Annie, Public Citizen and our allies win this fight by volunteering at WAmend.org."
    -Annie Phillips

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Fighting Corporate Domination of District Elections

Public Citizen recently released a report investigating the donations made to candidates running for office in Washington, D.C. The report, "District Development," demonstrates that corporate interests are dominating this year's election cycle, specifically interests in the real estate and construction sectors.

In addition to raising awareness about the incumbent's heavy reliance on wealthy donors and corporate interests, we hope this report helps to gain increasing support in the District for the Citizens Fair Election Program Amendment Act (B2100509), which would incentivize candidates to spend more time with the average District resident, as opposed to wealthy corporations.

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Constitutional Amendment Victory in New York

As of June 15, 2016, a majority of officials in both the New York Senate and the Assembly have signed a letter urging Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court's disastrous Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC) and McCutcheon v. FEC decisions.

As a result, New York joined 16 other states that have called for a constitutional amendment and the legislature is the first with at least one chamber controlled by Republicans to do so -- signaling that the public's bipartisan dismay over Citizens United is finally catching up with our elected officials. 

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By the Numbers Support for an amendment is growing.


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People in towns and cities across the country are advancing resolutions through their city and town councils and state legislatures that declare support for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, challenge corporate power. and eliminate unlimited campaign spending.

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